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!0 Second Apology To My Readers Posted on Wed, Apr 19, 2006 10:59
If you are one of the few who have read my blogs. You will have noticed that my spelling and grammar . The reason being is that I have been one of those "look at your fingers types, when using a keyboard. Well for the last few weeks I have been attempting to break myself of this habbit. I use spell checker though somtimes my grammar just does not work with my sentence structure, for that I apologize, it is not that I am ignorant by any means just trying to get better at this whole typing and sentence thing. Thanks. - Jax
In The End What Do We All Want ? Posted on Wed, Apr 19, 2006 10:23
I mean in the end what do wwe all really want ? Everyone is different and as hard as a guy tries someone out there is always going to be judging you for one reason and feel that you are lacking for another. You are to tall or to short or to fat or not what I want, or today. You are not my kind of person even though are profile match to the T. Their are days when things just for whatever reason are not going to work for whomever. I hear this alot from women especially on this site. Why is he judging, what do men really think about BBW's . In the end I think it is not even that. I think that most people come on to these sites with a certain amount of closed mindedness. They have been hurt or been around the block on the net before or in life and have formed walls and know exactly what they want out of someone and if they do not see it in their assumption of who you are by your 100 word profile and 2 ro 3 scanned images, you don't cut the mustard. I come here with an open mind. I will talk to everyone and treat everyone like I would want to be treated. You read peoples profiles and they say how they are looking for friendship and are open to meeting people, though that is not always the thing. We have all these precepts. In the end if we kept a more about understanding about who he show ourselves to be to strangers we would make more friends and perhaps not feel so lonely. (rant finishes. monster bows)
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Rasberry Dreams On A Wednesday Afternoon Posted on Wed, Apr 19, 2006 09:50
As always first off "Hey Everybody" hope this finds you well. Life finds me once again comfortably infront of my little screen putting in my daily rounds at the puter. I have got owrk today so that is a pleasant change since I am still recovering from my 2 days off. I just woke up a few moments ago and am still in "Ugh The Sunlight" mode. My roomates who have decided today is the perfect day to ebay everything in our apartment are snapping pictures and cleaning. I remember when ebay was the thing, in my mind. That thought lasted about as long as the thought of "wow email fwds are cool" what was that 5 minutes. (smiles) Anywho they have found a new way to make enough money for their treks around the globe. Be it that I like the peace and quiet of an empty apartment I am donated some of my stuff in their cause. (quiet snicker) Yawn... So it is a lovely Wednesday I see, you realize there is a certain comfort in looking at the day through a tinted window, sun shining brightly outside and birds singing and you behind the window in a darkened room still coveting the air conditioning like a baby about to be pulled from it's mothers' breast. (wow that was a description) I do not understand this site. You are allowed to write in a forum which is great and make a blog which is cool though you have to drop 20 a month to email anyone ? What is that. I understand why though, somehow they have all the coolest people on this site. I could talk a person batty at times. If this place was free email, I would have written a book of questions to people by now. Hmm.. can people answer blogs ? Let's give this a whirl .... "To You The Reader" What is your favorite beverage that is non alchohoic, and why ? When was the last time you laughed and why ? What is your favorite thing to do in the morning, right when you wake up other than tossing the alarm clock into the wall ? What genre of music soothes your soul ? What do you like the most about this website and also the least ? This is for both sexes.... Ever date anyone taller or heavier than me, and if so can I have his or her information (I LOVE meeting giants) I was at a resturant in Tampa last night called Steak & Shake, it a remake of a diner atmosphere. Anywho I am walking out the door and they have the height marker like they do in convient stores, I was so busy looking at it as I walked towards it (blond moment) I forgot to duck, SMACK "TIMBER" then I was on the ground. Some gal across the way spit her milkshake on to what I can only imagine was her husband and the room roared with laughter, even my friends were like " Can you see the butterflies ? " It was cool though painfull, live and learn I guess. So how goes your day ? - Jax
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ill fated 7ft irish god freak seeks like minded rants Posted on Tue, Apr 18, 2006 08:28
Greetings from Tampa (yawn)oh man my hair is sticking straight up right now. Ever have that right when you wake up, your hair looks like something from a bad 80's punk rock concert ? Anywho "Hi Board". I would just like to start with a mad greetings and hopes that your day totally rocks and that you take a moment sometime in this day to drop a line of prayer for this great day we are having. I was looking around the website and wondering, are there any big women out their ? Also what makes a woman a BBW ? I am lost on this, I am about 7ft tall and 450 pounds, so what people call BBW I call little hottie. Sometimes I wonder if there is like a 6ft5 400 pound woman out there, just so I can go "WOW" nice dress, and get mad smacked. I like a woman with a slight sarcastic waiver to here. People (yawn) put way to much factor on their outsides. Like being a BBW is wrong or bad, granted us big peole should get thinner for health reasons if we can though no need to down on ourselves. (then again I am not an authority, I am sure I have felt oddly about my size, especially when I am forced to walk through a mall, I always get scared that I am gonna trip and fall on a barbie) (on the floor laughing) I fell on Santa last year. can you see a 7ft monster jumping on Santa's lap, I was on it for about 30 seconds, then they called security. Santa was cool about it, I had just surprised him. I went back a few days later and got a pic of him sitting on my lap, btw Santa wants a Hummer for Christmas, it seems Rudolph is getting old. ( Argh "stretch" ) I have nto clue right now, what I am writing though this works. Is there anyone on this site, that is totally comfortable with being big, guy or gal and just likes who they are, likes their passions in life. I mean being big is cool ? I can reach all the top shelves, I can be a friend to many, I be accountable to people, that so rocks. Ahh, another mindless morning rant, too cool. " Hi " (rant ends giant bows)
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