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Do you want more then just a hook-up? 124 Views 10/22/06
I have just joined this dating site a little over two weeks ago and I want to know if there are any men in the Austin, Texas or surrounding cities area who want more then just a hook-up. I have enjoyed the winks and the attention I have been getting but in the long run I would like to have someone to spend time doing other things besides sex. Was I being naive in thinking there are men out there who really want to be with a big girl? Someone who wants to date and see where the relationship will lead? I want it all. Is there any men who want it too. Another guestion I have is why do a lot of you guys not have your picture posted? My theory is you are a bunch of married men who want to fulfill your fantacy of being with a large lady but need to keep in secret. Is this the case?
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