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Jersey Boy back on the hunt.......... Posted on Wed, Jun 21, 2006 04:45
Well, after 6 months with someone I truly thought was "the one", I find myself back on the dating scene. Yes, getting dumped hurt. A lot. Fortunately, my life is filled with genuinely caring women who have (aside from "I told you so's!") been by my side to keep me from really feeling hurt. You'd think a guy with mainly FEMALE best friends would be a little better at "reading into" women that most, but I was totally blindsided. I admit it, I can't figure women out for anything, no matter HOW many women I have giving me advice. I guess I should consider myself lucky to have such a strong "support system" in my life... But......I'm still looking for someone. And now, I know what I want. Here's a simple breakdown of what I want: 1. Honest 2. Affectionate 3. Committed (to the relationship) 4. Intelligent 5. GREAT sense of humor 6. Romantic 7. Attractive (in MY eyes) In the past, I've settled for 4-5 of the above traits, but no more. I want it all. My last girlfriend had them all, except #3. She kept me around "as a convenience", and all of my friends warned me about this, and I didn't listen until it was too late and I was heartbroken....... But since then, I've grown so much as a person, and have a whole new perspective on things. I am.... Any takers for this cute, chubby, fun Jersey Boy?
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