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Wow... people ARE jaded! Posted on Feb 03, 2009 at 12:27 AM
Okay... So I decided to start my own blog about this... because I feel bad taking over someone elses blog that contain valid and personal views or questions to answer and respond to the questions posed and posts directed towards me. First off... Yes... I'm really only 26 years old. Physically. HOWEVER... age is only a number. Anyone with a decent amount of experience will know that age doesn't always justify experience. I have been told many times and I have "an old soul." And most times I can believe it. A lot of things seem routine and mundane to me. Like... things that seem like common sense to me are life changing concepts to some others. Bundled with the 'age is only a number' mentality is the belief that it goes both ways. My profile may state that I'm interested in 18-36 year old women. However that's just a random number I picked because honestly I don't give a flying hoot as long as there are no legal ramifications and compatibility levels click on an acceptable scale. As to the question posed about being pen pals. The answer is a simple yes. To any and all comers. I love giving advice and trying to help people see their way through the daily trials and tribulations, life altering or non. Fair warning however, because I have been known to be very blunt about certain things at times. But usually that's only when I see a need to brutally honest. My favorite tactic is to dance around the point I'm trying to make. I've found that if I can LEAD someones thought process in a certain way so that they themselves come up with the advice or view point I'm trying to convey, the point is taken much more to heart and more deeply understood and accepted then when I just state it simply and be done with it. This is because I've found that people as a general whole don't think in the same manner that I do. I know I tend to think about 6 different thoughts at one time, each usually on a different level consisting of emotional reaction, logical reaction, Possible outcomes, Reasons for the emotional response in the first place and what happend to cause such examination. So getting back to what I was saying about people. Advice usually never works because it's usually given from only the advisers viewpoint. Don't do this because, and you should try that. They usually fail to remove themselves from their own person and seek to view life from someone elses eyes. They don't understand the fundamental reasons why a person would be reacting in a certain way to said stimuli.(See: catalyst, or event) I try my best to understand what's going on in their world through their eyes. Everyone's different. Like my profile says, Reality is as you choose to perceive it. And each individual has their own version of reality. Returning to my point... It's something I enjoy. Helping and being there if only for emotional support. I'm wired weird in that sense. The best way to explain it is this, and forgive the slightly graphic image this might induce. When I'm making love to a woman, If she's not getting it, I CAN'T get it. Same applies with me in life in general. I enjoy seeing people smile, or at least knowing they are. And the funny thing is, it's usually very easy to make them do just that. If you can understand where they're coming from... Heh, and no, I'm not gay or even a woman in disguise. I am male. I am for real. I've just learned that just as my body incorporates both X and Y, So should my mind, heart and spirit. My grandmother was a wonderful teacher, and from meditation, astral traveling and the trials and tribulations of my own life I've learned that yes... I can indeed do it on my own... but it's always much more easy and enjoyable to do it with others. So, to wrap this overly long blog up, If you need an ear to shout into, Or are seeking a heart to remind you that there are indeed a few decent humans out there in this cold "all or nothing, fend for yourself, sink or swim" world... I'm here, offering to do just that.
Intelligence over social status Integrity over material gain Posted on Feb 02, 2009 at 09:12 PM
Okay, so this is more of a rant then anything. Intelligence over social status. Integrity over material gain. Something I live by... One of my three guiding morals actually. What does that mean to me? Well let me put it into perspective for you. Today I talked to an old friend of mine living back in my home town. He told me a long horrible story about his experience with his now Ex. Long story short... she used him. Sucked him dry of all his money and worth and then left him for some cod driving a jaguar Xj6. What the heck is up with people now a days!? I simply don't understand it! I can't process how someone can be so heartless and cruel and still manage to survive! I know from my own experience that I get the biggest joy from GIVING! Heck if I'm not putting myself at risk I'd give ANYONE the shirt off my own back if it helped them stay warm. I know I have more shirts. Point is... the majority of todays population of so called humans have their heads stuffed so far up their own behinds they couldn't see the light of day through their nose! Boggles my mind! I mean... what do these people actually gain from having such a horrible set of ethics and morals? They end up with an abusive (physically or emotionally) partner and cry to their friends about how horrible their life is, then turn around and subject some other poor soul to the very same venom just sprayed upon them! You know what? I know my limitations. And if I can help someone get back on their feet while maintaining those boundries then by god I'll do anything to help... and have. Examples not needed. Those people know it and that's enough for me. And you know... I firmly believe in Karma. Recently I needed a hand up both financially and with a place to live! A rather tall order... and yet... BAM! It fell into my LAP! I didn't ask anyone for help... they just saw me struggling and offered me their hand. I now work for these people six days a week and live in a nice, warm house they put the money up for. So I'll wrap up to keep myself from ranting... I firmly believe that if everyone just offered a hand out to others, life in general would be so much better. I mean, be selective in the sense that these people actually WANT help and are not just some hopeless bum that's happy standing at a street corner with a cup full of change in his hand. Those people are lost by their own choice. But if the person is truly trying and just can't seem to find a foot hold to climb back up with... use your abundance to help them back up. You never know... could be that one day they will be able to return the favor during YOUR time of need.
A long way home... Posted on Feb 01, 2009 at 07:41 PM
A long way home... The ground unfamiliar The shadows bend and weave The sky's dark and threatening The strength once present now leaves. Through you light once bright Came pouring into dark of night Now only ashes black as pitch Remain of a heart once strong and rich. They say from ashes to ashes And from dust to dust With time the pain passes And carry onward you must. I suppose all this is true And I must persevere But without the presence of you Lifes' trials seem more severe. I carry the weight A very heavy load Of living my own fate And walking my own road. For now I'm alone And alone I must trudge I wish you the best And bear you no grudge Digging for strength Deep down from the bone Now I begin my journey And quest for a home. That pretty much sums up my life and where I'm at in it! EPIC!