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Any Christians out there? Posted on Thu, Dec 14, 2006 11:22
I really want to know this answer. Are there any men on this site who are not looking for casual sexual relationships, married but looking, men looking for bi women. I have tried a few bbw dating sites and it appears to be that type of thing alot (I didnt say all :)) Its really hard to find a man who genuinely enjoys a bigger woman and not just because its easier to get her in bed but because she is a attractive woman who has alot going for her outside of the bedroom. Encourage a sister here I still want to believe... This is blog land so I am blogging... Is it me or do I live in a pretend world here when messaging someone why is it that what you like to do in bed? What do you like for a man to do to you? Or the size of someone gentials come up... How about where do you see yourself in a few years. Do you have any goals.. would you like to change the world... What do ya'll think?
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